Nail of the ...

... Day? Week? However long my nail polish will last for a given period of time before it starts to chip or I feel like wiping it off?

Hello dear readers, I'm back once again. You know my last post? Well, today I have a full manicure, as it were, to show you. Here it is:

Holo Taco One Coat Black with Blue Flakie Holo Taco over Solar Unicorn Skin

And the thumb shot if you want it:

I love the look of Blue Flakie Holo Taco over Solar Unicorn Skin. I was going for a simultaneously fire and ice look and this didn't disappoint me at all. Seeing the picture of the polish on my nails versus seeing the polish live on my nails really doesn't do this one justice: you've got to see it live and in person!

Well, that's it for today, dear reader. Until the next time, hugs and kisses.

Update, July 28, 2020: This manicure I posted about on Friday. Well, it lasted three full days from Friday through Monday until I took a shower Monday evening. While in the shower, the polish on three of the nails just peeled off. I ended up peeling the polish off of the remaining nails (the thumb and the pointer) off the same night.


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