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OPI Fall 2020 Muse of Milan Collection

  Hello friends and welcome back to my blog! It's been a while since the last time I posted, but I promise this post will be well worth it. Here we are. OPI's Fall 2020 collection, Muse of Milan. I purchased the entire 12-piece nail polish set at Polish Pick. Most of these were completely opaque in two coats, except for three in which I'll name throughout this post. Without further ado, here they are. Twelve Milan-inspired beauties. Addio Bad Nails, Ciao Great Nails A grayed-out light purple with some shimmer. This took two coats for opacity. Complimentary Wine A beautiful wine creme. This was the only creme in this collection that took three coats for opacity. Drama at La Scala A medium teal creme. This one took two coats for opacity. Duomo Days, Isola Nights A beautiful medium to deep blue creme. This one took two coats for opacity. Fall-ing For Milan A light neutral brown with bronze shimmer. This took two coats for opacity. Galleria Vittorio Violet A cool, light violet

Nail of The ... (Double Dose)

 Hello everyone and welcome to another Nail of the ... post. I've kept the period of time empty because of however long I feel like wearing the polish and/or how long it lasts before it starts to chip. So, without further ado, let me show you two this time. August 1, 2020 Holo Taco all three Colored Flakies over One Coat Black And the thumb "macro" shot. August 8, 2020 Holo Taco Gold and Purple Flakies over Solar Unicorn Skin over One Coat Black  And the thumb "macro" shot. My God, look at all those flakies! I don't know what look I was going for but I think it turned out sweet as fuck! The recipe for this baby! One coat of One Coat Black (of course) Two coats of Solar Unicorn Skin One generous coat of Gold Flakie Holo Taco One generous coat of Purple Flakie Holo Taco Well, that's it for today. I'll have more updates for you after I have more swatches ready in each color category. The next post I should have for you will be the OPI Fall 2020 Muse of

Updates To This Blog

Hello my friends! Wanna know where I've been and why I haven't blogged for the past two weeks? Well, here's why. I've been updating the polish repository. Swatching, taking pictures, then uploading to the gallery widget. All to bring you a bigger gallery of my polish photos. I've finished with the corals, the oranges, the peaches, the greens, and the yellows and golds. And just today I've finished with the silvers and, FINALLY, the reds. So that's what I've been doing for the past two weeks.