China Glaze Holiday 2020 Jollywood Collection

 Hello again one and all and today I have a new post for you. This is from China Glaze and it's the Holiday 2020 Jollywood collection. There are 12 polishes in the collection, but I have 11 to show you today.

I ordered these babies from Polish Pick and ordered all 12 of the polishes, but I only received 11 of the polishes. The only one I didn't receive was the green jelly with holographic bar glitters that, once on the nail, looked like a Christmas tree. Pine needles and all.

So without further ado, here are the swatches of the 11 that I do have. Most of them are fully opaque in two coats, except for one in which I'll share later.

Deck The Malls
A deep navy blue with blue and silver sparkles. It looks kind of dark gray because I couldn't get the photo quite right.

Famous Fir Sure
A light green frost. This would look more like a chrome except that you can really see the brush strokes where I couldn't quite get them straight within the two coats I did for this polish.

Melrose Fireplace
A light rosy metallic foil. This would look a lot like mannequin hands polish on me but it's blingy for the holidays.

Santa Monica Claus
A bright, neutral to cool red with sparse pink sparkle. I actually like this one against my skin tone.

Screen Vixen
A gold matte with sparkle that makes it look velvety

Silent Nightlife
A light purple luster frost. This time I was more able to keep the brush strokes straight.

Slay Your Line
A medium to light purple with loads of silver sparkle. Looks like a metallic foil.

Snow Biz
A medium gray loaded with silver sparkle. The formula is quite similar to Slay Your Line above.

Tinsel Town
A white-based silver foil. This was the one that was fully opaque in three coats and let me tell you, it needed that third coat to reach its full potential.

Valet The Sleigh
A medium neutral purple with tons of silvery glitter

Yule Jewels
A bright, neutral to warm red jelly with pink sparkles

So that's it, everyone, for the swatches. I wasn't that impressed with much of this collection and the shades that I thought would be my favorites, weren't. Mainly because they were such a pain in the ass and messy to remove, like Valet The Sleigh and Tinsel Town. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by the reds that looked better against my skin tone than I thought they'd be initially. But if I had to pick any favorites, they would be Screen Vixen and Melrose Fireplace simply because I can wear these two neutrals every day for the holiday season if I wanted to.


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