China Glaze Spring 2015 Road Trip Collection

 Hello everyone and welcome back. I have a new post for you, but the collection I'll show you today won't be new to a lot of you. It's not new for me. Meet, the China Glaze Spring 2015 Road Trip collection. (I ordered this from either Trans Design or Head 2 Toe Beauty, or one of those other places. They were $3.29 each.)

All of these colors took three coats and at least half of this collection could have used one more coat for four coats opacity altogether, but I stop at three. So, let's get started.

Boho Blues
A light cornflower blue creme

Dashboard Dreamer
A baby blue with a slight bit of copper flash. You can barely see it in this swatch picture.

I Brake for Colour
A bright candy red creme, just missing the bar for a crelly formula

License & Registration Pls
A near primary blue crelly

More to Explore
A nearly neon, icy coral creme

My Way or the Highway
A near perfect turquoise creme, also an almost-crelly

Pack Lightly
A pinkish peach with that slight copper flash

Pinking Out the Window
A bright and warm light to medium pink

Pop the Trunk
A bold reddish orange creme

Sun's Up Top Down
An egg-yolk like yellow with that slight bit of copper flash

Trip of a Lime Time
A bright lime creme with a bit of a yellow undertone

An icy violet with that slight coppery flash

Well, that's it for the collection. All of those four polishes with the slight coppery flash could have possibly used one more coat, as could have Boho Blues and Trip of a Lime Time. So these are not my favorites. I'll give you my favorites and explain why they're my favorites.

  • I Brake for Colour: This is a perfect color for those red pedicures I love to sport during the summer (that is, if I can remember to shape up my feet)
  • License & Registration Pls: Beautiful blue with the perfect crelly formula. This was the main one I kept going to for a happy manicure.
  • More to Explore: I love the bright, nearly icy and neon coral color against my skin, especially for the summer.
  • My Way or the Highway: Another one I keep going to for a happy mani. This is basically License & Registration Pls except it's turquoise.
  • Pop the Trunk: Perfect spring/summer orange for my particular coloring.

And there they are. Until next time. ❤ and 💋 everyone!


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