China Glaze Summer 2021 Havana Nights Collection

 Well, hello again and welcome back! Today I have six polishes from China Glaze's Summer 2021 Havana Nights collection to share, along with six swatches. These are all neon polishes, so none of these pictures looks anything like the polishes I swatched on my nails. (Thanks, stupid camera freakout) Therefore, the description I give will not match what's shown in the pictures. 

Here we go, everyone.

Cuba Diving
A balanced turquoise/aqua neon creme. This picture is bluer and cooler than the actual nail polish. This took three coats for opacity.

Guava Mama
A warm neon pink creme, though this picture shows it as cooler. This was three coats for opacity.

Head to Moji-Toes
A cool, bright emerald green, but you wouldn't know it from this picture. This one took two coats for opacity.

Left My Heart in Havana
A slightly dusty, deeper medium purple creme, though this one shows lighter and brighter. This one was three coats for opacity.

Takes Two to Mango
A bright orange neon loaded with metallic yellow glitters. This picture, however, shows traffic cone orange like the sign in my front yard. This one took three coats for opacity.

Tropic Like it's Hot
A bright, highlighter yellow neon creme, although this picture doesn't show it. This one took three coats for opacity.

And there you have it folks. Part one of two of my mini blog-a-thon. This was a nice collection and swatched well, but I'm a bit less impressed with this collection than I thought I would be. Still, overall, it was worth buying and swatching.

I don't know if I have a favorite; however, I have two that I'm less likely to go to than the rest. These two are Takes Two to Mango and Tropic Like it's Hot. (Yeah, that's a bit of a switch there, putting the spotlight on my least favorite polishes but here we are.) Why these two?

Takes Two to Mango is a beautiful orange that, under normal circumstances I'd definitely draw towards. What ruins this one is the yellow metallic glitters (perhaps flakies) that make this polish a pain in the ass to remove without making a mess.

Tropic Like it's Hot is, once again, a yellow. And, just like most yellows, is a huge pain in the ass to try and get fully opaque in three coats or less.

Well, that's it my friends until next time. ❤ and 💋 to y'all!


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