Morgan Taylor Summer 2021 Feel the Vibes Collection

 Hello folks I'm back with the conclusion to the two-part mini blog-a-thon. This one is for the Morgan Taylor summer 2021 Feel the Vibes collection. I ordered these polishes, along with the entire China Glaze summer 2021 Havana Nights set, on Polish Pick on Saturday and they arrived with today's mail. The polishes and the swatch photos match up more closely than the other ones did, so I'm just going to go with the original description.

Ready? Here we go.

All Day, All Night
This is a beautiful berry pink with tons of silver shimmer. This polish was perfectly opaque ON THE FIRST COAT, though I did a second coat just in case.

In the Lime-Light
A bright lime green creme. This one was two coats for opacity.

It's My Moment
A light peachy coral neon creme. This one was three coats for opacity.

Keepin' it Cool
A slightly warm, cornflower blue with tons of silver flakies, shown cooler in this photo. This took two coats for opacity.

Orange Crush Blush
A coral neon creme, shown a bit darker in this picture. This took three coats for opacity.

Spin Me Around
A bright, neutral to warm neon creme, shown cooler in this picture. This took three coats for opacity.

So those are the polishes. I was really impressed with the formula and the brush on these Morgan Taylor's, and they were worth the price I paid for them. That said, I actually have a couple of favorites that I'd reach for the most often in this set. These are:

It's My Moment for the tanned look the photo gives my hands when wearing it


Orange Crush Blush because this color is so close to my skin tone but yet still colorful.

And that's it for me! Until next time, ❤ and 💋 to y'all!


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