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My Second (and probably last) Nubar Polishes: Nubar Prism Collection 2009

  Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! Today's new post is about the Nubar Prisms collection of 2009. Now, I'm not sure whether this was intended as a holiday collection or a fall collection or what. I just know that I bought this set of eight polishes from a seller on eBay for $49.99 back last week and today I received them through the mail. I finished swatching them more than two hours ago (but not quite three), and so now I have the swatch photos for you. Being that "Prism" is in the name of this post, these polishes have micro holographic glitters in them (some more prominent than others, that's for sure). I will note this: three-quarters of the collection set required three coats for opacity. However, one "jewel" and one "prize" each were perfectly opaque in two coats. So without further ado, here are the eight shades. Absolute A baby blue base loaded with micro holographic glitters. This took three coats for opacity (and unfortunat

My First Nubars! Nubar Get Hot Collection

Well, hello again and welcome back! This is only my second post today and this time it's about my very first Nubar collection: the Nubar Get Hot collection. Now, I don't know when this collection originally came out but I do know that I ordered it from Nubar's website in March (or was it April?) of 2014. I will tell you before I show you the swatches that all three of these eight polishes required at least three coats. Some of them were perfect in the three coats, but the thicker ones could have used a fourth coat for opacity. Still, however, I stop at three coats. Okay, here they are! Hot Red A warm, spicy candy red that looks a bit textured Hot Orange A bright orange that looks either like a carrot or like orange juice Hot Yellow A bright, egg-yolk like yellow Hot Lime Green A light, bright lime green, the kind that looks like the inner flesh of the lime. This one could have used the fourth coat. Hot Green A bright lime green, this time the color of the outer skin of the