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Morgan Taylor Spring 2021 Out in the Open Collection

  Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog. Today I have a wonderful collection of polishes to show you. In the post below I'll show you six nail polishes from Morgan Taylor's spring 2021 Out in the Open collection. Four of the six nail polishes (two-thirds) in the collection used two coats for full opacity, while the other two took three coats. Ready to get started? Be Free The first color in the collection (and the fifth one I swatched). A salmon pink creme with a touch of brown for grounding. It showed more vivid on camera than it does on my nails in life. This is the first of four polishes that only required two coats. Dancing in the Sunlight The second color in the collection (and the first one I swatched). A whitish-silver sparkle with a bit of a blush base. I like this one as a wash of sparkle on the first coat but this also looks good built up on its own. Removal, however, was messy because of those damned sparkles.😉 This is the first of the two polishes that needed