Nail Polish Spam Fest

In honor of my new nail blog, I've decided to show some nice nail polish spam. So here we go! Note: All of these are two coats with no topcoat. Some could possibly have used a third. Also, all of these were taken from my smartphone which I'm not sure is ever a good idea but it's the best I've got until I can get an actual camera. All of these are from July 6, 2020. KB Shimmer It's A Blazing! Multichrome. Sorry for that uneven blob of polish at the pointer finger; I messed it up and needed to try and repair the "damage". OPI That's What Friends are Thor Cool chocolate brown. From the 2017 Iceland collection. Zoya Tris Light gunmetal shimmer. From the Fall 2014 Flair collection. I would have had better luck using the flash on my phone to capture the actual shimmer. Zoya Jem Deep purple base with what looks like pink shimmers or speckles.  OPI Here Today, Aragon Tomorrow Deep forest green, possibly jelly? This one could have used a third coat. From the Fa

Hello world and welcome!

Hello world and welcome to my new blog! It's been ten years since last I tried maintaining a blog so ... here we go!